All systems operational

NYC1 Outbound network not working

Degraded performance
Started 11 days ago


Hyonix Panel
Hyonix Backend
Hyonix API
Virtualization Hosts
California, USA (LAX1)
  • Monitoring

    Our alt upstream has fixed the issue and we've put this upstream to backup with multiple prepends at this time.

    Our team will monitor the issue for another 72 hours before closing this status.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!

  • Identified

    We are aware of an issue that affect outgoing route in our NYC1 location. Our team was able to identify the issue started with an upstream and has now disabled this uplink.

    The issue only affect customers using Cloudflare services (DNS).

    Everything has been back normal at this time, we are in exchange with the affected upstream and will post update once we have more information.